They Do Exist. / by Molly Hawkins

A decade ago, "content marketing" wasn't even a thing, yet there were plenty of us already laying the ground work for what would arguably become one of the most pervasive buzz words in marketing. Early on I saw the gap between marketers, the folks creating the strategies and budgets, and those who were expected to execute on those strategies and develop the assets in order to fulfill them. Enter Puget Sound Creative and plenty of other companies who would serve as bridges to those gaps. I have found that having marketers and creators sitting at the same table is crucial to any content and brand marketing strategy. Everyone who works with us has cross-functional backgrounds and, at minimum, a solid understanding of all facets of our business and offering. All our creatives and collaborators have been hand-picked with our values and clients in mind.

2015 marks the 4th year of what has been an incredible journey for myself and all of the people who have trusted and believed in what we have been building over here at Puget Sound Creative. I set out to create a platform to connect creatives, marketers, and individuals pioneering this incredibly inspiring wellspring of ideas and visual narrative, driving the future of marketing to the businesses that need it most. At that time, many saw this concept and my vision as a "unicorn". I too, was not 100% sure how exactly it was going to pan out, but in the least, I knew that we would have fun making magic with some really great people along the way, and off we went.

So here we are. PSC has scaled from being one person in a basement room in a house shared with a couple friends, consisting of long nights and longer days with intermittent breaks for food and play. Now we're up to 5+ full time employees, a collection of incredible collaborators, and an office space! I am pleased to say that we are not your typical "agency". We believe that every single company and individual has a unique story and that deserves a tailored relationship with the tools and mechanisms for which we would expect to help tell their story. We do not have MBA's, we do not have the fanciest tools and buzzwords in our back pockets, (However, I may have a few good ones) and we certainly do not wear ties or power suits (Though I do think I might like one). We do have fun, we are constantly creating for our clients and in our personal lives, and we are certainly inspired by all of our clients, friends, and collaborators. We hope to be able to inspire you and your customers as well.

Thank you for believing.