We’re All Part of the digital “Ecosystem”, and so is Your Marketing / by Molly Hawkins

Plants, animals, water, and us humans are all connected through an important and intricate ecosystem. Remove a species of plants and a species of animals will fail, poison the water and we’ll all have a hard time. The marketing ecosystem is no different. From social media sites, websites, email newsletters, and brick and mortar locations, connecting and utilizing these different channels the best way possible is key to getting your message across.

While not nearly as important to our survival and existence as the natural world’s ecosystem, recognizing and leveraging the balance between different marketing channels is key to a successful marketing campaign. A strong campaign hits the mark across all social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, and works in conjunction with your other marketing messages like email, your website, in-store POP, etc..

Learning how to leverage, keep track of, and sync up all of your channels is the hard part, but not impossible. It’s not just giant brands with huge marketing budgets making the most noise on the internet, anyone can leverage the tools at their fingertips. With the right goals and intentions in mind, they can inspire masses to take action. Spend time to identify what your message and intended output for your social campaign needs to look like, and look at how to use each of your channels uniquely to push that message. Tailoring those messages to the audience and the channel with an appropriate call to action is key to gaining any traction from your campaign.

These days, there are a lot of marketing buzzwords floating around, (like ecosystem!) and even more people who throw them in conversation to sound intelligent, but being able to execute a plan that works with the ecosystem is another thing. With the right guidance, planning, and an understanding of best practices per channel, even the smallest businesses can launch a colossal marketing campaign. Interested in learning more or extending the reach of your current ecosystem? Hit us up! We’d be more than happy to help!

Other example ecosystems:

  • The balance between your caffeine, alcohol and water intake.

  • Eating enough fruits and vegetables to balance out that frozen pizza diet.  

  • The balance between aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

  • Wearing the right kind of socks with your sandals (psych! that’s never ok)

  • The number of people who commute by bus, bike, and car.

  • The amount of acceptable “sun tan” before you just look burnt.