Unicorns in the Mist: Ben's Filson Photography / by Molly Hawkins

As cliche as it may be, we at WAU tend to refer to each other as Swiss Army knives. Complete with a wide range of different tools and functions, adept at handling many different situations, and always able to open a bottle. A perfect example of this broad, yet sharp skill set comes from Ben Lindbloom. In addition to crushing his daily Social Strategist & Client Manager duties, Ben is our principal photographer. Over the last year, Ben's photography skills have hit puberty and blossomed while creating high quality images for many WAU clients as well as for his side projects. 

There's so much to say about this one but right now we are incredibly inspired by and proud of his continued work with famed heritage outdoor brand, Filson.  Ben's photos have begun to grace both catalog and web pages. Check out some of his work below, on his website, and keep an eye out for Filson's latest print catalogs. With an ever growing adoration for the brand, it has been a privilege and adventure traveling across the plains of Montana, the mountain ranges of Alaska and his very own backyard of the Snoqualmie Pass.  Can not wait to see where the next adventure takes him! Take a look at some pictures from his latest shoot in AK, and follow him on instagram.