Teaming Up with Parker Services for our Complete suite of services / by Molly Hawkins

We always try upon impress to our clients the importance of working with us to develop a complete marketing ecosystem: website, social media, photos, video, and copy. As all of these elements are interconnected and impact each other, it’s important to ensure that each are considered and built with the other in mind when they are being developed or produced, and never in a silo. (read more about ecosystems here). Connecting dots between these different channels and utilizing the assets across the entire ecosystem is the most effective to getting your message across. It's considered best practice, but sometimes we find that our clients are so busy or mired in the details that they have a hard time looking at their project through the 50ft lens, which lucky for them is just a part of our process before commencing any work.

With our good friends over at Parker Services, a local, high-end plumbing company featured in some of the city's best restaurants and homes, we got to work on the complete creative suite together.  From cooking up a new brand identity, portfolio photos, optimized social pages and a fresh website, to SEO-friendly site copy, team uniforms and vehicle graphics, we worked head-to-toe with Parker Services.  We saw an opportunity to develop a visual and voice narrative that stood out from the competition, drawing on brands outside of their industry for inspiration. 

While it's sometimes easier to piece-meal projects together, both mentally and budgetarily, there is a greater risk of working off a disjointed ecosystem. From imagery and video, to copy and graphic assets, optimizing all your channels to work together is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Check out some of the work we did for Parker Services below, as well as the process we took to get to our end result.