Project Focus: Wrapping Up a Branding and Kickstarter for LOGE Camps / by Molly Hawkins

We are fortunate at WAU to consistently be able to work with clients we like and on projects we are passionate about. Over the summer, we were approached to help with a branding and Kickstarter project for a new surf-focused motel and campground on the WA coast. What was unique about this project was not only how it filled the gap of modern conveniences and amenities currently missing on the coast, but the inclusive community vibe and emphasis on helping the local economy that came along with it.

The first step in this project was to decide on what to call it. From there it was time to work on the look and feel, we worked with the client on various logo and color palette iterations until we landed on something that really spoke to the soul of the brand and the landscape. Using those branding deliverables, we established brand guidelines that will serve as the north star to the brand for the foreseeable future and deployed them across the new social ecosystem, a Kickstarter campaign, and a number of other collateral pieces. For us its all about the process and we love to create along side our partners. With the Loge project, the end result was just that, essentially an amalgamation of our collaboration and combined ideas that brewed side by side. This seems like a primal element of design and working with an agency, and we couldn't agree more.

Another aspect of this project was to help launch and fund a Kickstarter campaign. We have supported a few Kickstarters in the past and they are one of our favorite ways to increase brand awareness and get a good handle on the audience, not to mention secure some funding. Utilizing the brand assets, creating a custom video to feature on the page, and working with the client on reward levels, we put together a Kickstarter launched in early December. Through coordinated promotion and by having an authentic solution to a problem many WA surfers and campers have acknowledged, LOGE was able to secure 50% above their target goal.  

Not only is it fun to watch a branding project come to life and help fund another successful Kickstarter, it’s even better when it’s something we are passionate about. We were thankful to work with the awesome team at LOGE on this project and look forward to checking out the completed build out this coming spring. Surf’s up!  

Be sure to check out LOGE when they open this spring and head to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and keep an eye on their website, launching soon, to learn more about this unique project.