Pizza Party with We Are Unicorns / by Molly Hawkins

As part of our monthly art walk series, for first friday in May we are doing a pizza themed art party teaming up with to expose local arts and benefit a local art based non profit, Urban Artworks.

Why? Because art is important to our city and the things that we love and want to make sure that we can expose the artists that inspire us and help use our reach to support organizations that we believe in.

No passive look loos, we are creating an experience that includes an art auction featuring local artists as they they put their work on takeout pizza boxes. There will be pizza of course, a blind sampling which will result in a "Best of Seattle Pizza Award" as voted by patrons, and a drink and draw color sheet for patrons to exercise their own art skills.

Evann -
Zak Bolotin -
Ben Hubbard -
Erik H.
Angie Tompson
Ariel Scholten
Matt Ogle - WAU Designer
Mark Romney - Design/ Brooke's Running
Sly Cooley
Mat Savage -
Ryan Schmies -
Brennan Coyle -