Case Study: Campaign Strategy for AMGA April Fools video / by Molly Hawkins


So you spent all of this money a big branded video but now what?

That is the age old question that prospective clients come to us with. They want to know how to make the content viral. Typically they will approach us after the video has already been produced. In a perfect world, we would’ve had a seat at the table during the conceptualization stage to help inform details that could impact the video's ability to go viral.

That said, it rarely happens, but We Are Unicorns had the opportunity with the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) to help with their strategy for their April Fools day video campaign. This would be the first campaign of its kind for AMGA so they wanted to make sure that they were set up for success. Utilizing a multi-channel approach, the goal was to use the full power of the AMGA digital ecosystem, anchored by the website, harnessing all social channels, and of course AMGA influencers and partners.

So what is the AMGA? AMGA is dedicated to creating a community for fellow lovers of the outdoors by bringing courses for training, teaching and connection building. AMGA has set the professional standard for American guiding and climbing instruction, that includes mountaineers, rock climbers, mountain culture guides, and enthusiasts.

For this comedic campaign, the AMGA decided to introduce the “Apres Discipline” as the 4th discipline. AMGA realizes the importance of adding the finer points of wine tasting, spa treatment, and fine dining has to offer for the outdoor lifestyle.

All jokes aside... It’s important for brands to think about their social media presence from a narrative and personality perspective as much or more than the aesthetic of how they present their service or product.  Utilizing a multi-channel social media approach while doing this allows brands to do this in different fun and creative ways.

Brands have increasingly adopted social media and content marketing to reach new audiences and position themselves in ways to engage those individuals. Unlike other media and marketing outlets,  social media offers an outlet for brands to have leveraged their personality attributes, in different ways, to different audiences through precise targeting. This campaign was a great way for companies like AMGA to show their fun side and find and connect with customers who may never have thought about AMGA before, perhaps engaging them in a way that draws them in to learn and discover more about the organization.

Channel Performance:

  • Facebook: engagement lift 627.6% with 44.7% ran reach

  • Instagram: Engagement lift 4,490.9% from the previous period

  • Vimeo: Over 8300 views (+8000 approx views)

  • Impressions: Over 100k in impressions

WAU helped set AMGA for success behind the scenes using the multi-channel approach. WAU did this by having teaser videos the day before, equipping AMGA ambassadors and partners with the information they need to schedule the post, as well as posting behind the scene follow up. Some of the partners were Thermarest, MSR, and Outdoor Research.

Aside from the entertainment and laughs that this generated,  the data and all involved saw the video as a success! It made these top list for and The effort truly shows the potential of reaching outside of your comfort zone as a brand. People want to identify with the brands and the products that they interact with, they want to be entertained, and ultimately connect, be willing to try new things, test and learn from those tests.