Outliers Project

The Outliers Project was started to highlight individuals, outliers, who have dared to dream, to create and to innovate. From artists and musicians, to action sports athletes and entrepreneurs these individuals are the driving force behind the movements that will inspire and change the way we interact with the world around us. The Outliers Project is about seeing what you see in the world that excites all of us, and diving into issues and topics relevant to our lives. The ideas behind the people, the community—it’s all a part of our culture and that’s what this podcast and blog digs into.

Originally started as a project with Seattle based KIRO Radio, the Outliers Project has become so much more. You, and the people around you, are part of this narrative. We are all Outliers in one way or another. The Outliers Project hopes to shine a light on the interior of this subculture that drives and inspires us today. A subculture that has had such a positive impact on us, and so many others’ lives, and expose our culture to a whole new group of people.


Ben Lindbloom

As cliche as it may be, we at WAU tend to refer to each other as Swiss Army knives. Complete with a wide range of different tools and functions, adept at handling many different situations, and always able to open a bottle. A perfect example of this broad, yet sharp skill set comes from Ben Lindbloom. 

Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy benchetler

A professional in every sense of the word, Kimmy Fasani is a true Outlier. Not only one of the most talented female snowboarder of all time, but a stand up citizen and a role model for all. After a pretty bad injury a couple years ago, she could have easily hung up her hat and took it easy, but she rose to the challenge and rehabbed past what her doctors could have ever expected.

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John Logic

John Logic built a life and lifestyle our 14-year-old selves could have only dreamt of. From a career as a radio disc jockey and opening Seattle’s first snowboard shop, Snowboard Connection, to uniting a community, John helped pioneer an industry that many thought and hoped was just a phase.