[Wanted] Client Manager, Copywriter + Community Manager by Molly Hawkins

We are looking for passionate and driven individuals to join our team!  Appreciation for the outdoors, music, dogs, and good humans a must!  

Client Manager - Do you like people? Are you task oriented and great at multi-tasking? Can you be demanding and lovable all at the same time?  Our Client Manager’s primary function is to keep our client’s stoked! This role will work closely with the WAU team to develop strategy and execute on client initiatives working with a support team. You will be directly responsible for handling all communication with client, serving as the gateway between internal team members and the client, ensuring all cross functional needs are delivered successfully and on a timely manner across assigned WAU Social Clients.


  • 2+ years management and/or client management experience
  • 2+ years experience overseeing social marketing strategy 
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Self-motivated and strategic with a passion for social media
  • Understanding of Photography & Videography a plus.
  • Proficient at Microsoft Excel & Word a must
  • Understanding of various CMS tools such as Wordpress&  Squarespace 

Community Manager -  You are the execution arm for WAU's social content.  Working closely with the Copywriters and Content Production team you will help translate content plans and marketing needs from clients and Client Managers, responsible for the coordination of social posts and submitting briefs and requests to your support team. You will work closely with Client Managers, monitoring and adjusting tactics, cadence and voice as needed for each client.   Proofread and edit all marketing content for grammar, punctuation, style, clarity and spelling.  Responsible for assisting with the deployment, engagement, moderating and reporting across WAU Social Clients.  You will additionally support client work and project management to ensure successful implementation and follow through in a timely manner.


  • Skilled & Experience Managing Social Communities including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and associated Platforms
  • Experience and understanding of social marketing strategy
  • Experience in and participation of outdoor & action sports a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Self-motivated and strategic with a passion for social media
  • Proficient at Microsoft Excel, Google Drive Products 
  • Experience with various CMS tools such as Wordpress, Shopify

Copywriter - Responsible for supporting the WAU team in all aspects of copy development, researching, annotating, and concepting. They will work to ensure all client content is strategically and creatively on point. Ensures all projects are completed on time and within budget.

This individual is passionate about storytelling and the opportunity to transform a brand through brilliant and inspiring creative, through all channels. This person is a strategic and nimble thinker that is self-motived and anxious to be part of one of the most eclectic of industries and clients.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or English
  • Expert in grammar, punctation, proofreading and attention to detail a MUST
  • Experience with Social Media & Marketing Copywriting
  • Strong customer service skills with a commitment to superior quality
  • Must be self-motivated, professional, detail oriented, and possess excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong written competency
  • Comfortable working under pressure within tight deadlines
  • Advanced PC or Mac experience with MS Office Suite

If any of these sound like you or someone you know and for a full job description reach out and touch us at kelsi@weareunicorns.co.  Please send your Linkedin profile or Resume, indicate what job you are applying for in the subject line, and a cover letter.

Pizza Party with We Are Unicorns by Molly Hawkins

As part of our monthly art walk series, for first friday in May we are doing a pizza themed art party teaming up with www.pizzaparty.me to expose local arts and benefit a local art based non profit, Urban Artworks.

Why? Because art is important to our city and the things that we love and want to make sure that we can expose the artists that inspire us and help use our reach to support organizations that we believe in.

No passive look loos, we are creating an experience that includes an art auction featuring local artists as they they put their work on takeout pizza boxes. There will be pizza of course, a blind sampling which will result in a "Best of Seattle Pizza Award" as voted by patrons, and a drink and draw color sheet for patrons to exercise their own art skills.

Duffy https://www.instagram.com/duffyleg/
Evann - www.pizzaparty.me
Zak Bolotin - https://www.instagram.com/zackporchlight/
Bianca https://www.instagram.com/biancayvonne/
Ben Hubbard - https://www.instagram.com/ben_busy/
Kelsi https://www.instagram.com/kelsihooper/
Erik H. https://www.instagram.com/e21/
Angie Tompson https://www.instagram.com/campertown/
Ariel Scholten https://www.instagram.com/arielscholten_design/
Matt Ogle - WAU Designer
Mark Romney - Design/ Brooke's Running
Sly Cooley
Mat Savage - https://www.instagram.com/mat_5avage
Ryan Schmies - https://www.instagram.com/schmies_design
Brennan Coyle - https://www.instagram.com/brennan_coyle/

Project Focus: Chop Suey Gets a New Identity by Molly Hawkins

At WAU we are lucky to have a pretty talented, eclectic crew! We have artists and designers, skiers and snowboarders, and coincidentally: a bunch of musicians. Between performing at shows or going to see shows, Seattle based Chop Suey is a place many of us have frequented over the years. A staple of Capitol Hill, Chop Suey has been at the forefront of Seattle’s music scene for some time now. So when we got the call to help them develop a new brand identity and logo, we didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

Design Direction Moodboard

Design Direction Moodboard

The direction that we pursued ended up being a version that included a stylized soundwave that actually spells out "chop suey".  Using Garage Band we recorded the soundwave and implemented various iterations which ultimately landed us on a final version that wen to print.

Messages Image(1602985935).png
Round 2 Gets Further Refined

Round 2 Gets Further Refined

Final Round with Multiple Use Variations

Final Round with Multiple Use Variations

Working with the team at Chop Suey to create their new ogo identity was somewhat of a teenage dream for us but also a great way to leave our mark on Seattle’s music scene. Keep an eye out for the new branding on their marquee and on show posters!

Project Focus: Wrapping Up a Branding and Kickstarter for LOGE Camps by Molly Hawkins

We are fortunate at WAU to consistently be able to work with clients we like and on projects we are passionate about. Over the summer, we were approached to help with a branding and Kickstarter project for a new surf-focused motel and campground on the WA coast. What was unique about this project was not only how it filled the gap of modern conveniences and amenities currently missing on the coast, but the inclusive community vibe and emphasis on helping the local economy that came along with it.

The first step in this project was to decide on what to call it. From there it was time to work on the look and feel, we worked with the client on various logo and color palette iterations until we landed on something that really spoke to the soul of the brand and the landscape. Using those branding deliverables, we established brand guidelines that will serve as the north star to the brand for the foreseeable future and deployed them across the new social ecosystem, a Kickstarter campaign, and a number of other collateral pieces. For us its all about the process and we love to create along side our partners. With the Loge project, the end result was just that, essentially an amalgamation of our collaboration and combined ideas that brewed side by side. This seems like a primal element of design and working with an agency, and we couldn't agree more.

Another aspect of this project was to help launch and fund a Kickstarter campaign. We have supported a few Kickstarters in the past and they are one of our favorite ways to increase brand awareness and get a good handle on the audience, not to mention secure some funding. Utilizing the brand assets, creating a custom video to feature on the page, and working with the client on reward levels, we put together a Kickstarter launched in early December. Through coordinated promotion and by having an authentic solution to a problem many WA surfers and campers have acknowledged, LOGE was able to secure 50% above their target goal.  

Not only is it fun to watch a branding project come to life and help fund another successful Kickstarter, it’s even better when it’s something we are passionate about. We were thankful to work with the awesome team at LOGE on this project and look forward to checking out the completed build out this coming spring. Surf’s up!  

Be sure to check out LOGE when they open this spring and head to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and keep an eye on their website, launching soon, to learn more about this unique project. 

Face to Face: Get to Know New Unicorn Chris Dickerson by Molly Hawkins

As the We Are Unicorns herd continues to grow and evolve, we get excited about sharing some new faces. Joining the team as a Senior Strategist, Chris Dickerson recently spent his time at Hammerquist Studios working as a Project Manager and Account Manager. Less of a new face than a new acquisition, Chris has spent plenty of time around the Unicorn family over the years and is a familiar figure in the industry. In order to get to know him a little better, we sat down with WAU Founder, Molly Hawkins, and Chris separately to find out what they are most excited about, what skills Chris is bringing to the table, and what single food he’d choose to eat for the rest of his life.  

Chris, who are you and where did you come from?

As a small boy, I grew up in the quaint maritime village of Edmonds, Washington, and grew up to become the Senior Strategist and Partner at We Are Unicorns. Most recently, I worked for Hammerquist Studios / Cole & Weber as a Project Manager/Account Manager/Producer (we wore all hats), focusing mainly on Hydro Flask and Sage Fly Fishing (Agency of Record for both). Before that, I was the Customer Retention Manager at evo.com, as well as at Zumiez, ramping up their e-commerce platform and store/site/email marketing integration.

Molly, since each Unicorn is unique and special like a snowflake, why are you excited about adding Chris Dickerson to the team?  

Not only does Chris have an infectious smile and great attitude, I constantly see how that carries forward into his work and enthusiasm for marketing. I could walk down the street any day of the week and find a brilliant marketer, but it’s almost more important for me to align with individuals who I want to spend a hell of a lot of time with. Because I love my work and it’s basically my only hobby right now. Chris seems to fit that bill.

Chris, it sounds like you’ve worked with some pretty big names, how do you think your past experience will be relevant to WAU?

Having worked for so many brands in a variety of businesses, small and large, as well as on the agency side, I have the unique position of having sat on both sides of the table and have been fortunate enough to learn from a ton of awesome people.

Molly, how do you think Chris’ skill set will apply to what WAU has got going on already?

Chris is now officially the oldest employee at WAU. That means he’s wiser, super smart and never wrong. Less pressure on me, I suppose!

What will be Chris’ role at WAU and who can look forward to hearing from him via email or seeing him in person?

As a Senior Strategist, Chris will have his fingers in nearly every cookie jar. Though working with our internal team to develop campaigns and strategy, he will work directly with a handful of clients, as well along side me on business development.

Chris, what are you most excited about digging into at WAU?

Coming into such a passionate group and unique agency. The collection of people at WAU and clients they work with adds a special spice that is rare to find.

Molly, if Chris could only eat one food for the rest of his life, what do you think he’d choose, and why?

Clif Bars. They have a long shelf life, they’re compact, efficient...just like Chris.

Chris, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? BTW, Molly thought you’d pick Clif Bars.

Pizza. My great grand parents were Sicilian. My blood is, in fact, pizza sauce.

We're sure you'll be seeing more of Chris in the future as he begins to take the reigns around here. 

Unicorn Hunt > Looking for Client Manager + Strategist by Molly Hawkins


Looking for a charismatic, strategic thinker who loves relationship management.  This person must thrive in a fast paced environment and love a good challenge.  They will work closely with a defined set of clients to understand their needs and work with our internal team to service their every need.  We are a small and dynamic team looking to add someone who fits well with the crew, works hard and doesn't mind wearing many hats! 


WAU is in search of a talented Strategist that is well versed across all aspects of digital marketing who has a passion for results driven marketing!  This person must understand the full landscape of a content marketing "eco system", the tools and best practices and have a proven record of building successful campaigns, implementation and results based outcomes within channels that we work with.  This person must be driven to push ideas to the edge of possibility and challenging our clients creatively.  This person must be analytic, yet have a fine appreciation and understanding of the all of the tools in our toolbox. 

If this sounds like you, please reach out for more details!

*Considering P/T, F/T or Contract positions DOE and the person.